A powerful, personal platform for the mental health
of your chronic illness patients.

Chronic illness isolation.

Feelings of isolation and stress related to managing a chronic illness can lead to illness distress,* shown to amplify chronic symptoms, increase smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and decrease medication adherence. However, research shows that patients with peer peer support networks live longer and healthier lives with their conditions. Unfortunately, for doctors and other health care professionals to provide this support on a one-on-one basis is too costly in time and money.

Benefits of peer support.

Individuals with peer support networks live longer and healthier lives with their chronic conditions.* Peer support can reduce problematic health behaviors and depression, help patients follow their medication prescriptions and adhere to diet and exercise plans.*

We put patients first.

People often learn better when they are taught by peers with whom they identify and share common experiences. With Find Your Ditto, patients are able to find peers who share things like life experiences and age, which research has shown leads to greater understanding, empathy, and mutual help.*

Empowering patients to take control of their health.

Give your patients the opportunity to access a network of peers. Patients can only enter the community if you give them a Find Your Ditto access code. This keeps our platform safe and restricted to patients associated with our healthcare partners. Once they create an account, patients will be able to meet peers who understand what they are going through over coffee or lunch, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

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